I’ve finally decided to join The Classics Club! It is a challenge whereby you commit to reading 50 (or more) classics within 5 years. Which means by 01 May 2018 I would have hopefully read all the 50 books that I’m going to list in this post.

I have thought about joining for a while, especially since I love reading classics. Another reason for joining is that a lot of my book blogging peers (friends) joined and have invited (told) me to come to the party… and now I am :)

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I have added two Afrikaans (my first language) fiction novels and two South African fiction classics, because I don’t read many of them and I want too!

Here is my list, and I will link up the reviews once I’ve written them:

Atwood, Margaret  – The Handmaid’s Tale

Austen, Jane –  Pride and Prejudice | A Scented Review

Austen, Jane –  Sense and Sensibility

Brink, André P – A Dry White Season

Brontë, Charlotte –  Jane Eyre | A Scented Review

Brontë, Emily –  Wuthering Heights | A Scented Review

Bulgakov, Mikhail –  The Master and Margarita

Burnett, Frances Hodgson –  The Secret Garden

Capote Truman – Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Chopin Kate – The Awakening

Dickens, Charles –  A Tale of Two Cities

Dickens, Charles –  Great Expectations | A Scented Review

Dickens, Charles –  Oliver Twist

Du Maurier, Daphne –  My Cousin Rachel

Du Maurier, Daphne –  Rebecca | A Scented Review

Du Maurier, Daphne –  Rule Britannia

Dumas, Alexandre –  The Three Musketeers

Eco, Umberto –  The Name of the Rose

Fitzgerald, F. Scott –  The Great Gatsby  | A Scented Review

Flaubert, Gustav –  Madame Bovary

Frank, Anne –  The Diary of Anne Frank

Hardy, Thomas –  Tess of the D’Urbervilles | A Scented Review

Hawthorne, Nathaniel –  The Scarlet Letter

Hemingway, Ernest –  The Old Man and the Sea

Lee, Harper –  To Kill a Mockingbird

Marquez, Gabriel Garcia –  Love in the Time of Cholera

Marquez, Gabriel Garcia –  One Hundred Years of Solitude

Matthee, Daleen – Fiela se Kind

Matthee, Daleen – Kringe in ‘n bos

Melville, Herman –  Moby Dick

Nabokov, Vladimir –  Lolita

Paton, Alan –  Cry, the Beloved Country

Plath, Sylvia –  The Bell Jar

Rushdie, Salman –  Midnight’s Children

Rushdie, Salman –  The Satanic Verses

Sewell, Anna – Black Beauty

Steinbeck, John – Of Mice and Men

Stratton-Porter, Gene  – A Girl of the Limberlost

Tolstoy, Leo –  Anna Karenina

Voltaire – Candide

von Arnim, Elizabeth  – Elizabeth and her German Garden

Wiesel, Elie – Night

Wharton, Edith –  Ethan Frome

Wharton, Edith –  Greater Inclination

Wharton, Edith –  Summer

Wharton, Edith –  The Age of Innocence

Wharton, Edith –  The Glimpses of the Moon

Wharton, Edith –  The House of Mirth

Wharton, Edith –  Xingu

Wilde, Oscar –  The Picture of Dorian Gray

Here is my original post: I’ve joined the Classics Club

  • You have some stellar selections on this list! I won’t bore you with my opinions on all of them but I will say that “The Handmaid’s Tale” is one of the very best novels ever written. EVER. So completely original and different and extremely well-written. Can’t wait for your review of it!

    • Hi! Thank you, I do hope I will enjoy all of them. I have heard the same thing about The Handmaid’s Tale and I’m really looking forward to reading it. Thanks for stopping by.

  • So glad to see Gene Stratton Porter on the list. I consider her a true lost author and I am rereading her novels. Just finished Laddie–lovely tribute to her family, especially her brother.

    • I will have to keep that one in mind! Thanks!

  • You might consider adding Willa Cather, one THE important writers of American prairie life and a fabulous wordsmith. My Antonia is one of my favorites.

    • Thank you for the suggestions 🙂

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  • That’s an exciting selection of great works and a great challenge. I wish you every success in reaching your target.

    • Thank you! Are you part of the classics club?

      • No, but I’ll think about it. Meantime, I will ‘follow’ and study the rules.

  • I noticed that we have several books in common on our list of classics. I’m looking forward to reading your reviews.

    • Awesome stuff! I look forward to your reviews too. Thanks for the follow 🙂

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