The Beauty of Words: Poetry Recommendations #2

Poetry is one of my favourite forms of the written word, as mentioned before. I also find that it’s the perfect type of literature to pick up when you don’t have a lot of time to spend on a full length book, but you miss reading.

In keeping with my decision to review poetry more often on my blog, I’m here again with some poetry books I’ve read in the last week. As I’ve read almost every single poetry collection I have on my bookshelf, I sought out some poetry collections on Netgalley and these are the three that I read:

Worlds of You – Beau Taplin

I’m familiar with Beau Taplin’s work as I’ve read some of his poetry before, but I haven’t owned or read an entire collection of his poems, but rather bits and pieces. All of which I enjoyed. Worlds of You is a collection of his poetry, some are older poems I’ve seen before, but he arranged it into sections that illustrates his growth in life and love.  There were large parts of the collection that were romantic of which some were really nice, but I mostly enjoyed his poems about growth and self-affirmation. The last 100 pages of this collection were truly inspiring and were successful in making me realise that sometimes my self-worth is lacking. I’d recommend this if you enjoy his work or if you’re in need of some inspiration on self-growth.

Sisters’ Entrance – Emtithal Mahmoud

I’ve never heard of Emtithal before, but the cover caught my attention and I am so glad that I could read this collection of poetry. I am not exaggerating when I say this book was breath-taking. As a muslim woman from Sudan she accounts the heartbreaking reality of war and the life of a refugee. Her poems illustrate life during war, human suffering, bravery and most of all the resilience of women who are affected by it all. She also touches on the prejudices of being a woman of colour refugee and boy does she have a way with words. Written poignantly, I’m pleasantly surprised how much these poems touched my heart and brought tears to my eyes. Whether you enjoy poetry or not, you HAVE TO READ IT.

The Day Is Ready for You – Alison Malee

Alison’s collection of poetry is about love, life and self-esteem. All the poems are short and the books is fairly quick to read. I’ve enjoyed half of the poems, but the other half I didn’t care for. If you’re a regular reader of poetry, then perhaps you might not enjoy this. I would recommend it if you’re new to poetry as these short poems would be quick to get lost in and isn’t overload with metaphors that will leave you confused.

All three of these books are under 200 pages (The Day is Ready for you = 144 pages, Worlds of You = 192 pages, Sisters’ Entrance = 128 pages), which makes for a quick read you could get done in one sitting.

Disclaimer: I received these books from the respective publishers via Netgalley for review consideration