Two poetry books and a novella

Helium by Rudy Francisco

The first time I heard the name Rudy Francisco was when I came across one of his poems, featured below, and when I saw Helium on Netgalley, I didn’t think twice before getting it. It’s fantastic, I loved almost every poem written in Helium. It’s raw, beautifully written and it might even make you shed a tear or two. Rudy is talented when it comes to describing life situations, emotions and feelings with words. If you have an hour to spare, reading Helium will be well worth your time.



Spring Garden by Tomoka Shibasaki

Spring Garden is a novella by Japanese writer Tomoka Shibasaki and translated into English by Polly Barton. It centres around the lives of the handful of people that lives in an apartment block and the friendships they establish with each other. Taro, Nishi and Mrs Snake are the only inhabitants in their block and Taro and Nishi became friends shortly after they met each other. Nishi confides her obsession with the house close to their building with Taro, who seems baffled at first, but then become slightly fixated with Nishi’s interest in the house and their past and present inhabitants. Nishi has a book called ‘Spring Garden’ that were published by a well-known business man and his stage actress wife and she has been fascinated by the pictures, what they mean and exploring the house in which they were taken. The story itself basically just explores her new friendship with Taro and her quest to see and document the inside of the house. It’s an odd novel, because nothing really happens. There is no big reveal, no hidden secrets about the book and house. All you get is a story about friendship that’s quick to read and very enjoyable too.


Particles of Light by Chris M L Burleigh

This is a very short poetry book, only 26 pages long. There are a handful of poems I liked, but most of them I disliked. I didn’t enjoy this collection very much and after I finished reading it, I wasn’t quite sure if I understood what I read. Perhaps I need to give it another read, but probably not any time soon. I enjoyed the book when I started it, but then the further I read, I lost interest in the content. It’s a pity!


Image sources: spring garden | rf poem | particles of light book cover

Disclaimer: I received these ebooks from Netgalley for review consideration