Slipping through the cracks: Incantation by Alice Hoffman

Have you ever been in that position where you’ve read a book and loved it, but you left reviewing it for too long that you simply forgot most of the finer details of what the book was about? That is what has happened with Incantation by Alice Hoffman. I read the book in April, but if you ask me the plot of the novel, I wouldn’t be able to tell you anything other than the fact that it’s a story of love and betrayal. It’s about a young girl whose family is Jewish, but they lived in a time when Jewish families were required to convert to Christianity. Estrella’s family however still practiced Judaism in secret, but as a young girl she let things slip in conversation that she didn’t know ought to be a secret and which people picked up on as being ‘strange’. She, herself, later learned that her family’s peculiar habits were because they were just practicing Jews.

And basically that is all I can remember. The only thing I know aside from that is that I enjoyed it very much and one particular quote from the novel that stood out to me (and which I tweeted) were:

“Save yourself and you save your life. I say, Be yourself and you save your soul”

The novel is short and at only 166 pages, it’s something you can easily finish in a day. From my tweet above it surely is a good read.

Have you read this novel and did you enjoy it?

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