Youtubers I like to watch

I’ve fallen back into the mould, the exact one that I wanted to get out of when I wrote this post (When History Repeats Itself) in September last year. I think it’s fairly safe to say that I’m out of my reading slump and that could well be the reason why I’ve been writing a lot of book reviews again, but I’ve also been doing a lot of different book related activities. One of those are new: I’ve falling into the habit of watching bookish videos on Youtube. Although I could probably use the time better to actually read, I find that when I do watch the videos of people that I follow, I’m inspired to read more. Not particularly the books they highlight, but the enthusiasm people have for books (and which I used to have in abundance that have slightly withered since) it inspires me to make a dent in that ever growing TBR pile.

Obviously I’m still new at this side of the bookish community, I may not follow all the ‘booktubers’ that everyone else does, but I’m slowly making my way through finding the content I like on Youtube. With that being said, I’m a creature of habit. When I like something, I stick to it. My list of booktubers I follow is very short, but I’d like to share them with you.

Books with Emily Fox

When it comes to reading taste, I can mostly relate to Emily as she reads a lot of books that I have read or have interest in. We also have two things in common: our mutual hate for romance novels and lipstick (she has a beauty channel and she loves lipsticks, just like I do!). She is French Canadian and I love her accent, but also what I gather from all the videos that I’ve watched is that she only recently started reading in English and that’s how her channel was born. I absolutely love her videos, her wit and her personality. Her videos mostly consists of book hauls and monthly wrap ups which I really enjoy watching (I rarely watch book review videos). I blame her entirely for the amount of books I’ve splurged on in the last few months.

A Clockwork Reader

Hannah is a joy to watch. I love her bubbly personality and her general enthusiasm for the books that she talks about on her channel. She is also very frank when she doesn’t like a particular book. Her reading taste is quite different from mine, yet I still watch almost all her videos and enjoy them very much. We have some books in common and I appreciate (and can sometimes relate to) her opinion on them.

Read by Zoe

I haven’t watched Zoe’s channel enough to form an opinion, but her video How to Annoy a Reader is pure gold. Give it a watch!


This is the first booktuber I’ve started watching who has since retired from Youtube, however I enjoyed his videos immensely. I absolutely love his humor and most of my friends do as well

Do check out these book reviewers on Youtube if you get a chance.

Is there anyone on Youtube that you love watching and you think I should subscribe to? Let me know!