Instagram (bookstagram): A time wasting effort?

A while ago, or more accurately, a year ago I wrote about social media on my blog. About how to save time on social media, twitter specifically, by using lists.  I am still bad at social media, I still haven’t tried out pinterest or snapchat and most likely won’t ever. But I’m here to tell you that having lists has saved me massive amounts of time, by being able to control what I see on twitter and making sure that the people whose tweets I most want to see, are always just a click away. Sometimes I missed so many good tweets and content, because they simply just disappear on my timeline, but with the lists, it’s helped me a lot by connecting with my peers, timeously.

I have had an Instagram account for almost TWO years. Yes, two years.  I’ve never used it, so about a month ago I decided to just try it out and see if Instagram could be used as a nice social media tool to drive traffic to my blog and hopefully give my reviews more visibility.



The enthusiasm I’ve put into it has been great, however that fire has burned out rather quickly. Not because I forgot about the account, but more likely that I just haven’t had any content, because I simply just haven’t had the time to take pictures of books (and maybe because my apartment is an absolutely mess).


The traffic to my blog from Instagram has not been great. It also seems like a wasted effort, yet I do want to try and give it a fair chance. Tell me, have you joined “Bookstagram” to market your blog and has it worked for you?


**Please note, I’ve deleted my Instagram account permanently. I just don’t have the time to keep it updated and therefore it becomes obsolete.