Me Before You by Jojo Moyes {book and movie review}

Me Before You by Jojo Moyes is that book that everyone swears you have to read. I’m always wary of the book hype, as I’m scared I’ll be disappointed. I have a friend who likes movie-date ultimatums: “You can’t watch the movie with me if you haven’t read the book!”. This happened with The Hunger Games, The Count of Monte Cristo and various other books. So when she said the book had her in tears, I agreed to read it, because I needed a good cry.



The Book:

I read the book and got really into it about a quarter way into the book and couldn’t put it down. I finished it on a Sunday morning at 3am sobbing. The book broke my heart and I got the much needed good cry I needed. Normally I would describe what the book is about and give my opinion when I write a review, but then thought “Who doesn’t know what this book is about?”. Everyone I know has read it, but if you haven’t and still want to read the book before you see the movie (which I recommend you do), please don’t read the next paragraph, because it will contains spoilers:

Will Traynor was a successful businessman and an adrenaline junkie.  Then he got into an accident which left him a quadriplegic (paralysed from neck down). Louisa Clark recently lost her job and is desperate for a new one, as she is the only one who supports her family. When the job of being a disabled man’s caretaker/companion comes up, she goes for the interview, even though she has no experience, because she needs the job. However, she wasn’t aware that she was basically on suicide watch, with Will having tried to commit suicide before. Being who he was before, his current conditions leaves him depressed. He wants to go to Switzerland to do the “assisted suicide” thing – which is legal, considering there are enough proof and gave his parents 6 months. When Louisa finds out about this, by chance, she feels betrayed that she was employed under false pretenses, but eventually instead of quitting, she decides she will give him reasons to live. She makes him do fun activities, find out about things people like him can do to still enrich their life. And even though she succeeds – he has fun – and they eventually fall madly in love, he ended up not changing his mind. Louisa refuses to go with him to Switzerland to “help him die”. But eventually she does. And the ending scene where she said goodbye had me sobbing. The end is heartbreaking, Jojo Moyes describes the goodbye scene in the book with such delicacy and beautifully heartbreaking words.

I think this is my new favourite love story.

The Movie:

I saw the trailers and knew it would be good.  The movie was beautiful, as you can imagine. Emilia Clarke plays quirky Louisa perfectly and so does Sam Claflin with Will Traynor. The two makes the perfect pair to play Louisa and Will, their chemistry is evident and there are these really tender moments between them that make your heart sore, knowing what the outcome of this love will be that they’re busy developing.

I cried for the movie, there were two scenes in particular that had me grabbing for the tissues: at the end of their island holiday when he told her he isn’t changing his mind and of course the end. The former scene more so!

On an additional note, the theme song of the movie is Ed Sheeran’s ‘Photograph’. I adored this song when I purchased the album 2 years ago and couldn’t stop listening to it. It was the perfect song to use for this movie.



Watch the Trailer:



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  • Celeste

    I literally balled my eyes out lol, especially at the end, the island scene, the Switzerland scene and the Paris scene. I finished the book within a couple of hours so captivated I was. However, I still need to watch the movie (movie date ultimatums lol). Lovely review, thank you. Now to read the sequel “After You”.

    • I sobbed! Thanks for making me read this book! Yes, you always come with your movie date ultimatums, I never subject you to such conditional love 🙂

      We definitely need to read After You. There’s no way I’m NOT reading it!

  • Carlisle

    The movie was very good, and I would have never seen it otherwise, so thanks for the recommendation!

  • I just read this (mostly because of the movie!) and completely agree. I expected to love it but somehow I did’t expect to love it the way that I did. They all just seemed so real and I felt like I understood them all. I’m glad the movie was good! I’ve been watching the previews on repeat!

    • I think you’ll enjoy the movie too. Same here – I keep watching the trailer, even though I’ve seen the movie. Definitely going to purchase the DVD when it comes out!

  • Jennine G.

    Haven’t seen the movie yet, glad to hear it was good alongside the book!

  • Ciska van der Lans

    Did not see the movie yet. Good to hear it is good!

  • I read the book for exactly the same reason! It was so cathartic. I’m not sure I want to see the film though, I wouldn’t want it to change how I feel about the book, in case I don’t like it.

  • Isi

    Oh I’m really glad it is your new favourite book and I undestand you so much!
    It leaves your heart broken forever 🙁
    I still haven’t watched the film, but I’ll do it soon – my grandmother, my mother and I want to go together (after going to the supermarket to buy a ton of tissues) because we all have read and loved the book. I’ll tell you about our thoughts.
    And I didn’t know the song, but it’s beautiful.

    • It’s not my new favourite book, but my new favourite love story 🙂 You know what my favourite book is.

      You do need those tissues, yes. I hope that you and your mum and granny go see it soon. I’m sure you’ll like it!

  • No surprise that you cried. 🙂 I havent read the book. I have been thinking of taking the easy way out and watching the movie. Sigh. I am gonna cry lots!!

  • I enjoyed the book, but I find emotional movies so much harder to deal with, I’m not sure I’ll watch it! I’m glad you enjoyed both 🙂