#ReadMyOwnDamnBooks update

ReadMyOwnDamnBooksbuttonIn January this year, I’ve shared with you some of the bookish goals for this year and although many has not been met, I’m glad to say that I’m at least doing okay with the #ReadMyOwnDamnBooks challenge that Andi from Estella’s Revenge started. Reading has been going slowly for me, with only 9 books read up until now, however 6 of those books were my own. 

I only intend on reviewing 3 of the 6 books, of which 2 I’ve already reviewed:  Hollow City | The Light Between Oceans.  I have also read Animal Farm by George Orwell, which I most likely won’t review without spilling a whole bunch of political comparisons I’d much rather not make on my blog, but I fully intend on reviewing The Winter People soon.

Hopefully with the readathon coming up this weekend, I will be able to read more of my own books, but so far, I’m happy with my progress on this challenge. Are you reading more of your own books this year? And are you going to be participating in the readathon this week?