The Storm Sister by Lucinda Riley

the storm sister

 ~ There might be a few spoilers in this review, so read with caution ~

The Storm Sister is the second book in Lucinda Riley’s The Seven Sisters series. The series, will tell the story of each of the D’Apliése sisters that were adopted by a rich billionaire and named after the Seven Sisters constellation.  More background on the first story can be found in my review of The Seven Sisters, which is the first book in the series and tells the story of the eldest daughter, Maia.

The Storm Sisters is about the second daughter, Ally.  With Pa Salt’s death, he left behind a clue of their heritage to each daughter. With this, he wants them to choose whether they want to find out where they come from or not.  Maia’s journey was inspired by circumstances and the same has happened with Ally.

Ally, a talented musician and a professional sailor, grew up in Geneva Switzerland along with her other 5 sisters.  With her profession, Ally spends a lot of time at sea and it’s during one of the events after another regatta that she meets Theo, a fellow sailor who she falls in love with.  Her relationship with Theo was intense and they shared a deep, but pure connection. She was with Theo on holiday when she learned of her father’s death. However, poor Ally gets struck with double tragedy, because a few weeks after her father’s death, she loses the love of her life when he drowns in the stormy seas after a regatta.

One tragedy after another, Ally decides to take the clues Pa Salt has left her and find out where she came from, if only as a distraction. This decision she makes after reading the book her father left her – a biography of Anna Landvik.  This story and her quest to find out more leads her to Norway where she does research on the life of Anna Landvik and Jens Halsvorsen, Anna’s husband.

Anna Landvik, a country girl, is a singer with the voice of an angel that was discovered and given the opportunity to develop her talent in the city of Christiania. Anna, being engaged to childhood friend, Lars, meets musician Jens at the theater where she has been performing in the theather production of Peer Gynt by Ibsen, composed by Evard Grieg. Hesitant at first, because of Jens’ reputation, Anna falls hopelessly in love with him.  Even Lars has noticed that despite her agreeing to marry him, Anna’s heart wasn’t in the union.

Lars is one of my favourite characters in the book, even though he is only present for a short while and that’s because he is such an unselfish and generous person. His love for her and his need for her to be happy surpasses all.  He admits that she doesn’t love him back and he does not resent her at all. He takes all the blame for calling off the wedding when telling her parents.  But don’t feel too bad for Lars, he is good with words and he eventually moves to America and become a well-known poet.

Anna on the other hand, after declining a marriage proposal from her mentor, decides to up and leave and follow Jens to Germany. Things does not go well for her and Jens and there are things that happens between them, that is deeply disappointing to the reader, as much as it is for Anna herself. Luckily, Edvard Grieg, saves Anna from impending doom.

Yet again, Lucinda Riley takes us to breathtaking locations and again blends fact with fiction as with The Storm Sister there are historical figures as characters, such as composer Edvard Grieg.  Norway sounds absolutely stunning in its descriptions in this book. I’m adding it to my list of places to visit.  The story of Anna, Jens and Grieg is interesting and has its twists and turns, which many I have suspected and it’s so great that what I thought would happen, did happen.  If you followed me on twitter at all, you would have seen my excitement.

Anna and Ally’s story is linked and with researching Anna’s story, Ally finds her love for music again with her being a flautist. With that, she also finds that her musical talent is in her genes, as both her biological parents are musical people. However, if you guessed who her parents are based on the information you’ve seen in this review, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find out the truth!

Luckily with Ally suffering so much heartbreak in the short span of time, there is light at the end of the tunnel, as Ally ends up with more than what she has bargained for, making her life worth living for again. That is more than what I could have hoped for her.

I hope that if you read this book, you’ll enjoy it as much as I have.

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