Letters from Skye by Jessica Brockmole

letters from skyeLetters from Skye is an epistolary novel about a forbidden love story, told entirely through letters ONLY. It’s hopelessly romantic and if that’s the type of story you enjoy, this is definitely one you should consider reading. The story feels authentic, because the letters written are in a very conversational tone, painting a picture of the characters’ personalities and surroundings.

This is a love story that plays off in two time periods, or I should rather say WWI AND WWII, although the focus of the story is mostly during WWI. Elspeth Dunn is poet who lives on an island called Skye in Scotland. One day, in 1912, she receives a fan letter from America, which is very surprising to her as she never would have guessed that her poetry is being read so far and wide.

Elspeth and David Graham, the college student who wrote to her, starts corresponding back and forth and soon their newfound friendship blossomed into love when they start getting to know each other better. They share their interest, their fears and their secrets. When David enlists to be a soldier in WWI, the opportunity to meet arises. However there is one problem: Elspeth is already married. But does that stop them?

Meanwhile, in 1940, Margaret, Elspeth’s daughter, falls in love with a friend and wants to marry. Her mother however warns her that falling in love during wartime is not a good idea. She can’t understand why, until one day when a bomb hits their house, she finds her mother distraught and desperately clinging to a letter. No doubt this, the start of a new war, takes Elspeth back to a time she would much rather not be reminded of.

Reading the letter, Margaret is convinced there are more and the letter is the link to her story and Elspeth’s past. When Elspeth disappears to London, Margaret reads the rest of the letters she found and got in contact with her estranged uncle to find out Elspeth’s past. What she finds is a passionate and sad love story. However, there might or might not be a happy ending to this story, but you will have to read the book to find out!

Reading Letters from Skye made me wish for the old days when letter writing were still a thing. It used to be a favourite pastime  – writing letters to penpals and even friends closeby. It used to be a therapeutic thing for me to do. But now we have email…

Don’t you miss letter writing?

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