How good are you at marketing your blog (and saving time) on social media?

twitter listsI must admit that when it comes to social media, I’m really bad at it. Not only do I think I’m not using social media effectively to market my blog, I also find it hard to keep up. If you consider that I’m not even using all the tools that are available to me, that is really bad.

My social media journey for my blog started with a Twitter page, a Facebook page and a Google+ page. The latter I no longer have as I haven’t seen any value in updating Google+ and lately I also don’t see the value in my Facebook page either. I do still have a page, but that gets updated automatically. Since Facebook has changed their algorithms, most of my posts don’t even reach half of my intended audience. Until I have worked out how I can use Facebook effectively, I’m more than happy to let my automated sharing do the work for me.

I do however see the value in Twitter and at the moment it is my preferred choice of social media for interaction with fellow bloggers, bookish people and readers. And I’ve taken it upon myself to make keeping up to date with what is going on more of a priority. In order to “keep up” I have started making twitter lists! I know, I know. Nothing new, but it’s only until recently that I have discovered how having lists can make the time I spent on twitter more productive!

ALL my twitter lists are private and NO I’m not doing anything sneaky on Twitter 😉

Here is why: Although I belong to over 50 twitter lists I never check them. Why? Because I think unless the lists are for something like a readathon team, it’s purely based on preference. Someone else’s list called “Authors” might not meet my needs, because maybe I don’t like the same authors. Or maybe I want to add a bunch of additional authors. So at the end of the day, I might as well create my own list that caters for my preferences and who I am interested in.  However, I do see why making a list public, for the sole purpose of letting someone know you are keeping up with their twitter feed, regardless of whether you follow them or not can be beneficial. But it all comes down to preference, so I chose to keep them private.

Why did I choose twitter lists?

I follow various bloggers, both local and international, which makes missing out on content easy. Most times content and conversations that interest me gets lost in my twitter feed and I might never see them by the time I get to check twitter

There are twitter accounts I am more interested in reading that others. Yes, that’s the ugly truth.

It saves me enormous amounts of time! I can choose from my lists what content I want to read and I can do so and log off.

At the moment, these are my twitter lists which I’ve created since I’ve started organizing my following list:

thebookmusings twitter lists


Most of the time when I view my list called “Publishers & Review Sites” (which only has members that are international publishers & review sites), the LATEST tweet is 7 hours ago! Can you now see how not having lists I would totally miss out on content I would otherwise have been interested in?

On my personal twitter account I have other lists such as: News & Entertainment News, Tech lists, Brands, Celebrites & TV Shows, Friends etc. It helps a lot!

I am still in the process of organizing my lists because I have way more than only 38 favourite book bloggers! But I’ve already seen the value in doing so, because I’ve built better relationships with bloggers I’m following because I’m interacting more.

*Disclaimer: I do check my normal twitter feed when I have time on my hands, so I am not completely ignoring everyone that I follow.

Tell me, do you use twitter lists? Do you find that you spend way too much time on twitter and it isn’t productive?

Also, which other social media tools do you think I should give a try?