Hausfrau by Jill Alexander Essbaum


**There might be a small spoiler in this review**

Before I read this book, I heard rumors that this is the new Gone Girl. Now one thing I dislike is comparing a book to another, pre-publication. Both books have psychologically disturbed female characters, but that is where the similarities end. Gone Girl is a thriller, while Hausfrau isn’t. If the comparison is success-wise, then yes I get it, because Hausfrau is a fantastic novel and I foresee that many people will find it an engrossing read.

Anna Benz is an American woman who lives in Switzerland, after she moved there with her husband, Bruno. Anna does not lead a happy in Switzerland – she is a housewife who has no friends. However, she is trying to do something about that – she takes German classes to learn to speak the language of the country she lives in and she attends sessions with her psychiatrist, the latter motivated by her husband.

Her marriage isn’t perfect either, but that is the fault of both Anna and Bruno. He is emotionally unavailable and Anna starts affairs. Anna is a perfectly flawed character – obsessive, irresponsible (in certain cases) and of course, she has psychological issues. My favourite part of the novel is the sessions with her therapist, the psychoanalysis provides fascinating insight into the character and the cause and effect of dreams. Who knew sharing your dreams, that makes no sense to you at all, can provide so much insight into your character, even your secrets you are trying to hide?

Even though Anna lies to everyone around her – her family, her few friends, her husband and even her therapist eventually her lies catches up with her. Although I don’t like her, this was an intense and interesting read. I loved how the author allowed you as a reader into the mind and life of the main character. You can’t help but want to know everything about her and want to see her get her life in order, as much as you dislike/loathe her. This book doesn’t end well, as you can imagine. Hausfrau, meaning house wife, is a riveting read and great character study, if that is the kind of books you enjoy. I can’t rave about this enough.

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Disclaimer: I received this book from Loot, for review consideration