Cover of Snow by Jenny Milchman

cover of snowJenny Milchman’s debut novel, Cover of Snow, was brought to my attention when I read Allison’s review on it. The novel is set in a small town called Wedeskyll, where the winters get very cold, which sets the premise for the chilling mystery/thriller novel.

Nora Hamilton wakes up to tragedy one morning. After having overslept and having her husband not wake her, which is rare, she sets out to look for him just to find him hanging from a rope. Apparent suicide. Why would her husband commit suicide? Nora herself can think of no reason that he would take his life. They are happy, she doesn’t know of any problems at work, so what is she missing? Apparently a lot.

She makes it her mission to find out the reasons why her husband took his life. She finds that the people in town are very secretive and she gets the overall feeling that everyone, especially his police colleagues are very keen for her to drop the investigation. To let things be, but she can’t. Instead she continues to delve into the past, speaking to police officers even to her new friend, who is a newspaper journalist. However she does not realize that her quest to unravel secrets places the lives of herself and others in danger. Wedeskyll is a small town full of corruption and cover-ups.

The novel is fast paced and chilling. There are twists and turns that, for the most part, are very realistic. The narrative moves from first person to third person, which gives you a better perspective of her story as well as others. I found this novel to be a good mystery/thriller. I can’t quite decide what it is – mystery because of all the dark secrets that are waiting to be unravelled, but definitely a crime thriller as well. I took this novel to the beach, that’s how much I couldn’t put it down. If you decide to pick it up, I can guarantee that you will finish it in no time. You can’t help but be very intrigued about what happens next!

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