Happy New Year and Goals for 2015 {Better late than never}

Happy New Year to all my readers! I hope you had a fantastic start to 2015.  Looking back on 2014, I must say it’s not been a very good year for me in terms of reading goals. I’ve managed to meet my Goodreads reading challenge goal, which I’m always happy about, but that was about it.  Being someone who is a bit of a control freak, the way things were going for me in 2014 caused a bit of anxiety. Normally, other than the Goodreads reading challenge and the Classics Club challenge,  I don’t make reading resolutions.  For 2015 I decided to make resolutions, but resolutions that has nothing to do with numbers.

2015 Goals

Reading goals:

  • Reading for enjoyment.
    • I’ve deliberated not to set a reading challenge on Goodreads, however I’ve changed my mind. I love participating in the challenge, but for this year I won’t worry about whether I meet it or not.
    • Not feel guilty about not finishing a book. Not even if it’s a review book
    • Limit the number of books I accept for review. This is probably the single source of my anxiety last year.  I accepted books that I have not had the time to pick up.
  • Reading more diversely.  I have started doing that in 2014 by reading South Asian authors or Asian authors and I want to continue that.
  • Reading more South African fiction
  • Read more non-fiction
  • Read more classics

Blog goals:

  • Being more proactive in commenting on other blogs. I have either not had the time or I have been a silent reader. Even though I appreciated a fellow blogger’s article or review, I didn’t leave a comment. Knowing how much time is invested in writing these articles and reviews, I am sure a simple comment telling the blogger you like their review would be appreciated.
  • I moved to self-hosting last year, so hopefully this year will see a new blog design!
  • Coming up with more unique content that aren’t reviews.

That’s it. I’m keeping my goals simple and attainable! What are your reading goals?

  • Alison Harriman

    Hi Mel and Happy New Year! I’ve subscribed to the Goodreads challenge this year, but have deliberately kept my goal low (5 books). I used to be an avid reader, but like many people, I’ve developed the bad habit of pointless browsing. So less of that and more proper reading. Regarding blog commenting, while I appreciate that we put a lot of effort into our blogs, I think there are just too many out there now. I’ve whittled the ones I actually read and comment on down to about a dozen (yours is one of them).

    Hope the Summer in South Africa is treating you good. Can’t wait for Summer arrive here! I’m getting too old for Winter.

    Ali x

    • Hi Ali. Good luck on your Goodreads challenge. I’m sure you will surpass that 🙂
      You’re right, there are way too many blogs, but I think I will continue to comment on the blogs I’ve regularly commented on and try and comment more on others I don’t have a blog friendship with yet.

      Summer is good so far, but I can’t wait for winter!!

  • Isi

    Well, your resolutions are more or less like mine, but I do ti via challenges, you know 😉
    Anyway, I’m also trying to read and comment more blogs, because I want my friends to know I’m there, making my to be read list infinite thanks to their blogs 😀
    I’m sure you’ll get these goals.
    Happy new blogging year!

    • Thank you, Isi.
      I hope to not add so many books to my TBR this year, but I know that’s a pointless goal so I didn’t include it 😀

  • I also would like to read more diversely, more non-fiction, more classics — just read more! I also need to limit my review copies to books I KNOW I will actually read. Excited to see your new blog design!

  • Great goals. Good luck in achieving them. I try hard not to get too stressed out. I will look forward to following your blog this year.

  • Anita LeBeau

    I like your short and sweet goals for 2015. I too nee to manage my review books, it’s awful how many went unread. I also want to write more than just reviews. Funny you mentioned leaving blog comments. Today I decided to see how many blogs I could visit and leave a comment on. It’s after midnight, but it still sort of counts, right? Happy reading!!

    • Thank you, Anita. I tried to keep them short and sweet so I know I will keep them or meet at least most of them. Review books are the most important of all to try and manage and I hope I will succeed!

      Great minds 🙂 Happy reading to you too!!

  • Alex (Sleepless Reader)

    It’s super interesting to see that almost every blog I read wants to read more diversely this year. Such a great trend! I’ve actually joined some challenges this year, after a hiatus of 2 years. One is only around translated books. I’d join one on reading in the original languages if i could find one. I want to read more in PT, ES and Fr this year.

    • That sounds like good goals and challenges! I hope I will get to read more diversely, but I think it won’t be too hard!

  • Melinda, I think these are great goals; I can especially relate to the one about not feeling guilty if I don’t finish a book that I’m not particularly connected to, once I begin. I have really struggled with this, but time is too precious and there are too many books that I really want to read! Kudos!

    • Thank you! Yes, there are way too many good books to feel bad, but I think the guilt comes from not finishing a book that you’ve agreed to read/review. I hardly feel as guilty if it’s my own purchase and I’m just not feeling it. Good luck with your reading this year.

  • Charlie (The Worm Hole)

    Good goals. I started limiting my review copies last year and it’s made a huge difference. Also, using the feedback system on Netgalley to simply say you won’t be reviewing can be useful. (Obviously don’t do it much, but it’s good to know you can if need be.)

    I’m also trying to make more time for comments. My reading goal this year is just to read.

    • I think that will make a huge difference for me as well, so I’m definitely going to pay attention to what I say yes to. I’ve only once reported a DNF on Netgalley, but that was because the file format was so awful I couldn’t make sense of the book. I’m yet to tell them I’m not into the book 🙂

  • Ciska van der Lans

    That are some great goals. I think it is easy to forget reading for your own pleasure when you have the feeling your blog needs newer books and stuff. Hope you will have a great year with a lot of fun reads!!

  • Lisa Sheppard

    I think a lot of people are thinking it’s time to get back to reading for enjoyment!

    • Yes, but it’s hard though, especially since we want to keep up with new releases etc. I am going to try harder this year!

  • Nishita

    These are some great resolutions. So far into the year, I haven’t made any resolutions – books, blogging, or otherwise. Time to start!