Happy New Year and Goals for 2015 {Better late than never}

Happy New Year to all my readers! I hope you had a fantastic start to 2015.  Looking back on 2014, I must say it’s not been a very good year for me in terms of reading goals. I’ve managed to meet my Goodreads reading challenge goal, which I’m always happy about, but that was about it.  Being someone who is a bit of a control freak, the way things were going for me in 2014 caused a bit of anxiety. Normally, other than the Goodreads reading challenge and the Classics Club challenge,  I don’t make reading resolutions.  For 2015 I decided to make resolutions, but resolutions that has nothing to do with numbers.

2015 Goals

Reading goals:

  • Reading for enjoyment.
    • I’ve deliberated not to set a reading challenge on Goodreads, however I’ve changed my mind. I love participating in the challenge, but for this year I won’t worry about whether I meet it or not.
    • Not feel guilty about not finishing a book. Not even if it’s a review book
    • Limit the number of books I accept for review. This is probably the single source of my anxiety last year.  I accepted books that I have not had the time to pick up.
  • Reading more diversely.  I have started doing that in 2014 by reading South Asian authors or Asian authors and I want to continue that.
  • Reading more South African fiction
  • Read more non-fiction
  • Read more classics

Blog goals:

  • Being more proactive in commenting on other blogs. I have either not had the time or I have been a silent reader. Even though I appreciated a fellow blogger’s article or review, I didn’t leave a comment. Knowing how much time is invested in writing these articles and reviews, I am sure a simple comment telling the blogger you like their review would be appreciated.
  • I moved to self-hosting last year, so hopefully this year will see a new blog design!
  • Coming up with more unique content that aren’t reviews.

That’s it. I’m keeping my goals simple and attainable! What are your reading goals?