Therapy by Sebastian Fitzek

514uVLaJaULI received this book from the publisher, Penguin SA, in exchange for an honest review.

Viktor Larenz is a well-known psychiatrist whose twelve year old daughter disappeared from the doctor’s office. At the time of her disappearance she had been suffering an inexplicable illness for almost a year. Struggling to cope with Josy’s disappearance and his failed marriage, Viktor retreats to a remote island to deal with the situation. Here he meets a woman called Anna Glass – a schizophrenic author who claims that the characters she creates comes to life.  She begs Viktor to help her to which he refuses as he stopped practicing four years ago, until she mentioned a character from one of her books: a young girl suffering from an inexplicable disease who just vanished one day.  Against his better judgment, Viktor decides to treat Anna, for the sole reason that he believes she might have the answers to what happened to his daughter.

Can he trust Anna Glass? Will she be able to help him find some answers or is she as dangerous as people claim her to be? I found Anna an enigma right from the start and I felt sorry for Viktor. He seems to be having a harder time dealing with the situation than his wife.  He tells his story to his psychiatrist, but NOTHING is what it seems.  Viktor is receiving treatment to deal with his situation and we learn the story being told from his perspective.  Who needs therapy more… Viktor or Anna? Listening to Anna’s story can we conclude that Josy was hurt (there were blood) and is not even alive? Did she really disappear?  Is his wife involved in her disappearance, as he suspects later in the story?

This story I found to be a suspenseful read and I was hooked right from the first chapter.  I kept turning the pages to learn what happened and basically read this book in one day. With this story we are let into the mind of a mentally unstable person. When I said nothing is what it seems, it really wasn’t and although the book serves lots of twists and turns, the biggest one of all is at the conclusion of the novel. This is my second psychological thriller I’ve read, but I can honestly say it’s my favourite one. It’s a compelling read and definitely something you would enjoy if you like suspense, mystery or psychological thrillers.

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