Paris, Rue des Martyrs by Adria J. Cimino

paris-rue-des-martyrs-cover-finalI received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Paris, Rue des Martyrs by Adria J. Cimino is a story about four people.

Cecile de Champigny is a wife and mother of two teenagers; however she isn’t happy in her life, until she meets an Italian painter and runs the risk of being led into temptation.

Minutes before Rafael Mendez’s father died, he revealed something to his son that led him from Colombia to Paris to uncover a family secret and to seek his birthmother.

Mira Gilano leaves Naples after finding out that her fiancé, who she is about to marry in a couple of months, has betrayed her.  Trying to escape the hurt she travels to Paris to live with a friend and instead finds herself been given a new chance at love. With her fiancé, or a new guy?

Then there is Andre Wren, an established actor, who finds his career basically over after sustaining injuries following an accident.  He has a son that he abandoned years ago; who suddenly shows up in Paris and Andre is set on repairing his mistakes and seeking redemption from his son. This only happened when Andre realized that after losing the love of his life, he can’t lose his son too.

The story is set in Paris of course, specifically in a street called Rue des Martyrs. When you google some pictures of the street, you’ll find some old vintage photos as well as  new current day pictures and it is a beautiful street. However, the story isn’t so much about the street itself, but the characters are the heart of the novel. Not only these four characters whose lives intertwine at some point, but also the secondary characters too. I like Mira the best, because I felt that she knows what she wanted and that she is a strong woman. She was able to show her hurt (not weakness) with tears, but she was strong enough to know what was good for her and what was not. At the end, her life has a happy ending. I also liked that Andre, who is such a pompous and self-righteous character that irritated me at some point, redeemed himself in his son’s eyes.  Cecile I found to be weak, she is vocal about her distaste for her stepdaughter, but can’t seem to voice her concerns for her failing marriage or notice when her daughter needs her. Naïve she was, but still likable.
I enjoyed reading this novel and I was hooked from the beginning to the end, because I found the characters in the book intriguing. I like observing people and this story was like observing the lives of these four people and wanting to know more about them and the people in their lives.

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