To Murder a Saint by Nicole Loughan

imagesI first learned about To Murder a Saint when I read Rebecca’s review on it and I was interested. When I saw it was free on Amazon kindle I picked it up, but I only got a chance to read this novella recently.  Fanchon and Josephine are two young girls from the Bayou who recently moved to New York City.  When Fanchon returns home from a date she went on, she found her roommate brutally murdered.  Fanchon helps the detective in the case to solve her murder and he accompanies her back to her hometown to search for a suspect. At first it seems like it’s the work of a wild animal (which I never believed) but it turns out that I, just like the detective, started suspecting one of the two men that were suspects in the beginning of the case. It was quite a surprise to me to learn who really killed her. This story was a quick enjoyable read and I was completely engrossed into finding out who the killer is. I believe this is part of a series, so I hope to read more of Nicole Loughan!

You can read Allison’s review on it too, here.  Do you read novellas? Which are your favourites?

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  • Novellas are always a miss or ok for me

    • Same here! Some of them I’ve read, I liked and then there are some that I really didn’t like.

  • I like a novella for a change of pace now and again.

  • I’m glad you enjoyed it! It was such a quick read. I agree with Blodeuedd. Novellas are hit or miss and luckily this one was a great in-betweener.

    • I did enjoy reading this novella! This is one of the ones that I actually liked. Novellas are also a hit or miss to me.

  • I’m glad you enjoyed it. It’s such a quick read without any extra info involved. I also never believed it was an animal! 😀

    • Good for us! Thank you for your recommendation!

  • I’ve never read anything by her. I sounds a bit unoriginal though, am I right?

    • It was my first by her too. I guess for a novella this is alright, definitely not original, but then again I don’t read many crime fiction…

  • Isi

    I have this one too!
    I don’t usually read novellas, but since I read in English, I sometimes pick up one of those which are for free (like this one).
    Hope to read it soon. I’m glad you liked it!

    • Yeah it was a nice short read, thanks to Rebecca’s recommendation. Hope you like it too!