Give Away: Christmas is almost here!

giving-books-as-gifts Can you believe that we are less than two months away from 2014? Just this weekend when I had to run off to the shops quickly, I realized that all the shops are filled with Christmas goodies – wrapping paper, gift packs, specials, etc and although I knew it’s almost December, it was still a surprise for me!

One thing I never learn is to start your Christmas shopping early and every single year I am one of those people who are rushing to the shops between 22 and 24th of December to buy gifts. So this year, I’m going to start early. I’m going to start off by buying (or offering) the first Christmas gift I’m going to buy and guess for who that is? YOU!

This year has been amazing, because I started this book blog! You guys have no idea how much joy and excitement book blogging has brought me. I sound like a total nerd now, but I am a book-nerd after all. I’ve made wonderful friends and I’m grateful for all the people who decided to follow my little blog!


There’s so much more joy in giving than receiving* – For my Christmas giveaway I’ve decided to give away one of two of my favourite books this year: The Villa Triste and Winter in Madrid. You can choose which book you would like to read, but I would suggest you check out my reviews on each of them to decide which one you would like. May I warn you that although both are classified as “historical fiction”, The Villa Triste is a much lighter read than Winter in Madrid. Both were great reads, but Winter in Madrid is packed with historical detail – if that’s your thing, you might like this one more.

This giveaway is open to SA and International readers. I will give away a paper copy of the book if you are living in SA, but for my international readers I will offer a Kindle copy of the book.

Enter the giveaway

On an additional note, I have decided to pay more attention to branding my blog, but that’s yet to come, because my graphic designer friend has been quite busy.  However, I have started by creating a new twitter account (@thebookmusings) and separating my blog’s tweets from my personal ones. If you are following me for bookish tweets, may I ask that you kindly follow me on there (you are welcome to keep following me on my personal account too). I have had this account for almost two months now and can you believe that only 10% of my followers have followed me? I have tried begging, but I guess I now have to resort to shameless self-promotion 🙂

Twitter Logo Pink

*Despite the fact that I entered like a bazillion book giveaways in the last 2 weeks, can you believe I didn’t win a single book!? Crazy, right!?

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  • Ali

    I like the way you put it much better “two months until 2014”. Two months to Christmas has a type of finality that starts freaking me out. LOL! I love the design and especially the imagery on The Book Musings. Its wonderful how fast your readership has grown. No small task these days when the Net is stuffed to overflowing the blogs on every conceivable topic.

    Here’s to more in 2014!

    Ali x

    • Thanks Ali! I love Christmas, but the Christmas rush also freaks me out! Thank you for the compliment, I hope to keep the same colour scheme etc when I decide to brand it a little more.

  • Sounds great, though I really don’t want to think about the new year being here quite so quickly!

    • Time flies, that’s for sure. I can’t wait for the new year because I need a break and a holiday!

  • Every year seems to go by faster than the last!

    • Exactly! Which isn’t good, because I’m getting older and older and that’s not cool!

  • Isi

    WOW Christmas is almost here! I love Christas, mainly because here is winter too and I love winter, lights, sweets, gifts, everything!
    I’m entering the giveaway right now; I appy for The Villa Triste because, even though I haven’t read Winter in Madrid, I would like to read it in Spanish, since it is written by a Spanish author.
    Thank you very much for the giveaway!!

    • You’re welcome Isi! I wish I can have a white Christmas. Usually over here it’s very hot around Christmas times.

      • Isi

        Forgive my stupidity, my friend!
        🙂 thank God you still love me!!

  • Thanks for the chance to win, can’t believe it seems we were just ringing in 2013!

    • You’re welcome and good luck. Time flies!

  • What a generous giveaway! I need to get on my Christmas shopping, too. YIKES!!!
    I adore your blog. I’m going to check out those books. Sounds like I’d love Winter in Madrid!

    • Thanks Ricki! If you love historical fiction, I’m sure you will enjoy Winter in Madrid.

      Goodluck with the Christmas shopping 🙂

  • What a lovely idea, Melinda. I am not joining the give-away, since I already own both books, but I wish everybody the best of luck.
    Kind regards,

  • I have tried entering a bazillion contests too without any luck 😉

  • Where has the year gone? lol, I can’t believe 2014 is almost around the corner! Anyway, awesome giveaway you are hosting! Both titles are fantastic (from book covers to the story itself) 🙂

    • Thanks Lianne. If I remember correctly, you read both?

      • Yup yup! Loved them both (though Winter in Madrid a bit more ;))

        • I think someone who enjoys historical fiction would definitely like that one more! 🙂

  • Great giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity Mel 🙂 I love the fact that you started bookblogging. Otherwise I wouldn’t have met you 😉 You gained so much followers!!

    • Thanks Wendy! I have worked really hard on this blog!
      I am glad I’ve met people like you, too. Now I have more friends I can talk to about books! 🙂

  • Fabulous!!! Giveaways are awesome, and choosing two fabulous books helps, too!!! 🙂

    • Thanks! These two books really were great reads for me. I’m sure those who aren’t into historical fiction will still find The Villa Triste enjoyable! 🙂

  • OMG, Winter in Madrid is on my TBR, I love C. J. Sansom’s writing! thanks for the giveaway. I have a US address. and I was part of the 10% of your followers following your new twitter account, lol! and I just retweeted this post:
    Emma ehc16e at yahoo dot com

    • Hi Emma, thanks for entering. I hope you will enjoy Winter in Madrid when you read it and goodluck, maybe you will win it from TBM 🙂

      Actually, I’m in SA, so you require an SA address, else if you win it would be a Kindle book 🙂 Hope that’s okay? I hope you copied the twitter status into the rafflecopter 😀

  • I’m proud to say that I have started Christmas shopping already, though like many others I feel like 2013 just started. Should I be so lucky as to win, I would go with Winter in Madrid.

    • That’s awesome, I am always late with Christmas shopping! Winter in Marid is such a nice historical fiction read!

  • Ha! I entered a zillion giveaways last week too didn’t win a darn thing. We must share the same luck 😉

    • LOL!! I guess we must be sharing the same luck 😉

  • Ah, I always think the same thing about Christmas as well! And yet here it is… November 19th and… no presents purchased. Nada.

    • That’s still fine, you should be worried when you get to the 20th of December and still haven’t started shopping (like me) 😉

  • I’m entered YAY – I do love pressies 🙂

  • I have a habit of waiting until the last minute to do my Christmas shopping too, even despite my saying I will not to so every single year. LOL Last minute for me is usually by Thanksgiving though, since I often ship most of my gifts to my family. This year I won’t make even that, I’m afraid. I really am behind.

    • I do this every year! Good luck with the Christmas shopping rush then, looks like you’re going to need it 🙂

  • Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday. I’ve enjoyed looking around here… love your design/layout/content and will be back. Followed your new twitter account, too.

    • Thank you! I hope you will be back, thanks for following on twitter too

  • I didn’t realize you started your blog this year — me, too! We’re about to graduate! *sniff sniff*

    • I started in Feb, when did you? Don’t *sniff sniff* you will make me do that too!

  • I love giveaways! And that picture is fantastic.

    • That picture definitely is!

  • Would love to read The Villa Triste — thanks for hosting such a great giveaway 🙂

    • If you win, I hope you will like it 😀

  • what a lovely giveaway!!!

    • I’m such a nice girl 😉

  • Miso

    Time flies, I can’t believe it’s almost Christmas and I haven’t read not a single book 🙁