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LiteratureAmongst my friends I’m known as an avid reader, to which I would strongly disagree, because although I am “always” reading, I am in fact a slow reader. Regardless of that, I have the unfortunate fortunate luck to always being asked for book recommendations. Now when this happens, I usually take advantage of it by saying “Maybe you should consider signing up to my blog where I review books?” which rarely helps, so I respond to emails where I copy links of books which I think is nice. This sometimes also doesn’t help, because I get replies such as “So, which one should I buy!?” Now this makes me think, if you can’t be bothered to read my reviews to decide which ones interest you, how are you going to read the entire book? But kudos to you for wanting to give reading a try!

I must however point out that this doesn’t happen often, because most of my friends love to read too, and some of them have been buying books based on my reviews, which is totally awesome! (I should consider signing up for affiliate programs, right?). I am always reading, because I suffer from insomnia and reading before bedtime is an ideal passtime, but sometimes this makes matters worse. If it’s a good book, I find myself sitting up until 1am, having to wake up 5 hours later to be in time for work…! Despite this, I have fallen into a slump, because 1) I am in the progress of reading a book, which I don’t particularly like. Not because it’s badly written, it’s just gruesome and 2) because of the latter, I chose to catch up on tv series instead.  This now means, I am out of “archived reviews” and I don’t foresee myself finishing a book and a review anytime soon.

So, instead I have had an idea. Because people are asking me for recommendations I’m going to tell you which books I have loved since I started blogging. This is also a fantastic idea to give some visibility to older posts I wrote, which you might not have seen since you started following me 🙂

Some books I really enjoyed, and will most probably go on my “Best books I’ve read in 2013” list:

The Villa Triste | The Savage Garden | Winter in Madrid | How Angels DieThe Lavender Garden | The Book of Secrets | The Handmaid’s Tale

 I even read some children’s fiction this year, and I absolutely loved Matilda, not only because it was one of my favourite movies as a child, but because it was super entertaining!

Although I’m not a fan of young adult fiction, I decided to give it a go and started with the YA offerings from my favourite author, Zafon. I liked Marina the best!

There are other books that I might not have read this year, but I still think they are good and you should read them too!  I’m going to tell you that Sparkles is funny, ridiculously funny. It’s chick-lit – don’t judge me, okay?

The Shadow of the Wind | The Club Dumas | The Count of Monte Cristo | The Thirteenth Tale | Sparkles

I am happy to tell you that I have overcome my challenge and can now successfully read two books “at a time”! For those who don’t know me (or don’t like me, but would still like to know more about me), books aren’t the only things that makes my heart skip a bit, I’ve let you in on that a while ago when I told you how much I love Books and Perfume! Sadly, I must admit, that I still haven’t read the Patrick Süskind novel!

Anyway, I hope you guys will read some of these books I’ve listed as my favourites, and for those who keep asking.. HERE YOU GO 😀

Have a fabulous reading week and let’s hope I will stop being lazy and get some reading done!

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  • Great recommendations! I’m a slow reader, too. I think it’s because I subvocalize everything I read! ;P

    I need to pare down my book clubs to just one, I think, because I’m reading too many books lately that I just don’t like very much. Life’s too short to read craptastic books!

    LOVE this post. I just got Bellman & Black in the mail!


    • I think you should. Life is too short to read books you don’t like. I have now started realizing that, hence I stopped requesting so many Netgalleys and I have learnt to turn down book review requests. There are many books I still want to read and even some that I want to re-read.

      Thanks for the compliment – I hope you will read some of them, I really loved the ones I linked up. I hope you enjoy Bellman & Black. Have a lovely day and reading week, Ricki 🙂

      • Jan

        Life is definitely too short to be stuck reading books that you’re not enjoying! Especially when there are so many good ones. I’ll have to go check out some of these on Amazon – great list!

        • Thanks Jan! I hope you will read one of them, they really were nice (for me, that is)

  • Great recommendations! I’ve read a few of these and really liked them, so it looks like I should branch out into some of your recommendations that I haven’t read!

    • Thanks Andi! Which ones have you read (just out of interest)?

  • I really need to start thinking of best of 2013 lists 😉

    • You should! It’s almost time 🙂

  • Hm where did my comment go?
    Anyway I should think of some best of 2013 lists 🙂

    • Good luck! I hope to see it soon.

  • Like you I identify with the phrases “two books at a time” (or more) and “slow reader” (mainly because I fall asleep! Love that cartoon too!

    • I also fall asleep – either if the book is boring, or if I’ve been reading for too long into the night. Atleast I’m using my time constructively, as oppose to lying in bed waiting for sleep to come 🙂

      How do you go about reading two books at a time? I can only manage that if I read one paperback and one Kindle book. The latter I read when I am not at home (like during lunch-time at work), but sometimes when a book is good, I don’t have trouble throwing it in my bag. I love the cartoon too! 🙂

  • I love giving book recommendations! And recently I’ve some other bloggers have read books on the back of my advice which is totally amazing! Out of your recommendations I’ve got The Count of Monte Cristo and The Handmaid’s Tale on my list of books to read but I hadn’t heard of a lot of the others.

    I’ve read Perfume though and from your previous post I see you enjoyed the film (I didn’t know quite what to make of it it was just very weird…) so maybe you’ll like the book but I found it very hard to get into. I almost gave up halfway through and that doesn’t happen often!

    • The Count of Monte Cristo is a such a great tale of revenge, I read the unabridged version, and I enjoyed it! It didn’t even feel like I was reading a 1k page book. Hope you will read it soon.

      Perfume: Was it the book or the movie that you couldn’t get into? I think it’s weird, for sure, but there is just something I like about these artistic type of movies. Weird story, but it gripped me. I will have to buy the book and read it!

      • I started reading it but it’s just too thick to carry around with me so it’s going to have to wait until I have a good amount of time at home I think. I liked what I’ve read so far though.

        It was the book, the film was good (although the ending was hard to get my head round!) but the book didn’t grab me. I’ll be interested to see what you think when you get your hands on a copy.

        • Luckily I read The Count of Monte Cristo on my kindle, so I wasn’t intimated by the thickness of the book 🙂

          • Ah yeah that’s a good argument in favour of the Kindle but I’m stubbornly clinging to ‘real’ books!

  • Thanks for your recommendations. I really want to read The Handmaid’s Tale very soon. And I hope that you’ll get to Patrick Süskind’s book before too long. That’s a good one.

    • Thanks for letting me know the Patrick Süskind book is a book one. I loved the movie. Hope you get to read The Handmaid’s Tale soon – enjoy!

  • You indeed got me to buy books by your recommendation too. They better be good 😉
    Hope your reading slump will be over and the next book you will pick up must be a light read that is for sure!

    • Yikes! I hope you will enjoy them, luckily I live far away from you, so I’m out of your warpath when the books are not to your liking 😀

      I hope so too, Ciska. I am even thinking of reading a chick-lit soon (again)

  • Perfume is one of my favorite books! Psychological and fantastical and so so scary!

    • I’m glad you like the book, now I just need to read it. I am a whimp, so I don’t really like scary books, but I just HAVE to read this one.

  • wow, so many good books in here. How Angels Die and The Lavender Garden, to tallk about recent ones, were really incredible good

    • They were! I hope you will read one of the others 😀

  • Oh my gosh, Mel, that first paragraph is like right on the money! When one of my friends is like, “oh have you read xyz book?” And it’s like, I just f’ing reviewed that book on my blog 2 days agoooooooo! And yes, you’re also so right. . . “Now this makes me think, if you can’t be bothered to read my reviews to decide which ones interest you, how are you going to read the entire book? But kudos to you for wanting to give reading a try!” Hilarious!!!

    • Oh I hate that when they tell you about a book that you’ve already reviewed 🙁 I guess they’re sending my blog’s email straight to spam 😀

      LOL, thanks. When I previewed the post and read through it, I totally laughed at that too. I hope those who read (and is guilty) will find it funny too and not take it personally.

  • You’ve got some FABULOUS suggestions here. I’m intrigued by Sparkles. I like a little chick-lit now and then myself. No judgement!

    • Katie, that book was funny! Not everyone will find it hilarious, because I must admit I have a weird sense of humour and love to laugh, but I couldn’t contain myself 😀

      Hope you will read it!!

  • Isi

    Great post, Mel!
    Thanks for enlarging my already infinite list 😛
    Thank God I have already read How angels die and it is not going to the list, hehe.
    But seriously; I want to read several of them mainly because of your recommendations 😉

    • Thanks, Isi! I’m so happy that you are considering some of them. They were some of my favourites, I hope that you like them too.

  • Thanks for sharing Mel! I’ll definitely check out those titles 🙂 Hope you’ll come out of your slump soon. I know what it feels like and it sucks!

    • I hope you will like the ones you’re going to choose to read! I only see this comment now, so sorry for my late response. i am happy to say I am out of my slump 😀

  • I loved The Thirteenth Tale — I actually just picked up a copy of it at a used bookstore because I realized I didn’t have one and would love to re-read it someday 🙂

    I definitely can’t read 2 novels at once, but I can mix up fiction and non-fiction, especially if one is print and one is audio. I’m definitely a slower reader (which kind of sucks being a book blogger!), but I won’t force myself to go faster because I know it will ruin the experience.

    • I would love to have a paper copy of The Thirteenth Tale! I should definitely consider buying paperback copies of my favourite novels. I think I can also do two books, if one is non-fiction, but I also struggle to read two fiction at a time. I’d much rather finish one and move onto the next.