Awards, Awards, Awards: Thank you!


I have been fortunate to receive various blog award nominations lately!  I really appreciate it! However, I was totally silly for postponing my responses, whereby I now feel completely overwhelmed with having to do 5 different posts.  I hope the people who has nominated me don’t mind,  but I thought I’d write a little thank you post, just in case you think I forgot (or ignored) the fact that you have taken time to nominate me for the various awards.

Very Inspiring Blogger Award:


Francis nominated me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.  I enjoyed reading his post so much  – it was intelligent and witty!

One Lovely Blog Award:


Akeem has nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award. He says in his post that he finds it annoying that people read fiction, but not non-fiction. I may be one of those people, Akeem! I do read non-fiction, but not nearly enough!  🙂

Liebster Awards:

I received 3 Liebster awards!


JAHirsch nominated me and in her post she named The Count of Monte Cristo as her favourite book.  We have that in common, because that is my favourite classic so far!

Tony nominated me too, and by reading his post I think we have something in common…. I’m a foodie too. I love to eat.

Hannah also nominated me for this award. Like her, I also refuse to read 50 Shades of Grey!

Thank you to all of you above for taking the time to support my blog, by reading my posts and commenting.  I absolutely love interacting with my followers and I hope that my blog will grow more and more so I can “meet” more people like you 🙂


Please do check out their blogs!

PS: I obviously won’t “claim” the awards and stick them up on my blog for presentation

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