Book Tour: 3rd Generation and Beyond by Danna Pycher

3rdgenThe first time I read about 3rd Generation and Beyond was a review on Rebecca’s blog and I remember making a mental note to myself that I want to read it.  Luckily I was given the opportunity to read and review this book – and I loved it.

Danna draws inspiration from her grandparents, being Holocaust survivors and a terrible accident that left her handicapped for a long time to write this truly inspiring book.  In her book, she addresses valuable life lessons on morality and values which, by reading her novel, I feel she is very passionate about.  She speaks about kindness being infectious, how a small act of kindness could change someone’s life for the better. She covers topics such as appreciating what you have, to live in the moment, to speak up about injustice, racism and not to give into emotions such as fear, jealousy, envy and hatred.

Reading her experience and emotions she felt after her accident, I can almost understand what she could have been going through.  Going through a difficult experience, whether it’s something such as an accident or health problems (me) can really give way to emotions such as envy and depression. Overcoming it is a blessing in itself. Sometimes introspection, especially looking at how you do things and how you treat people, can give perspective. I loved it when she brought up the topic about appreciating your life as it is, putting relationships first (friends, family) and NOT to wait until someone is dead before you show them or tell them that you appreciate them.

I think this is a book that everyone should read.  I would honestly recommend this to anyone and I think I might even get my sister and my mother to read this one as well.  I liked her approachable way of writing, it’s almost like she is talking TO YOU.

Some quotes I loved:

“Byproducts of fear are racism, hate, jealousy and even murder. All of these are sparked by a fear or ignorance”

“Experiencing jealous, envy and anger made me realize how harmful these emotions were, not only to me, but to everyone around me”

“Reading enhances creativity and strengthens the mind”

“If a friend is truly sincere and caring, they will want what’s best for you in your life and career.”

“Even if you are estranged, no one is ever too far away from a phone. Try to make things better.”

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  • Awesome, Mel! I’m glad you liked the book and were willing to be a part of the book tour! I love that you said, “I liked her approachable way of writing, it’s almost like she is talking TO YOU.” I totally feel the same way!

    • It was a pleasure. Yes, it literally made me sit and do some introspection and think about what she said long after I finished the book!

  • therelentlessreader

    This sounds more and more lovely the more I read about it 🙂 Great review!

    • Thanks Jennifer. You should read it!

    • Thanks, Jennifer. I would love for you to read it and to hear your thoughts about it! — Danna

  • Hi Mel!
    Thank you for the wonderful review. I appreciate all of your words. The writing is approachable like you said because each word came from my heart. Not a word more, not a word less that I thought had to be there.

    I so appreciate you being part of the blog tour and sharing my book with others!

    • It was a pleasure, Danna.

      I enjoyed reading the book and sat thinking about all you’ve said long after I finished reading it. I hope more people will read and share your book (other than the tour hosts)

      • Same here.. I aspire to get the book into the school systems. It was my intent to initially write for a younger audience in a time when they are still impressionable and will take the lessons to heart and actually implement them. If a school in South Africa needs a speaker on the subject I’m in!

  • Isi

    Great review, Melinda!!
    I also liked it very much, even though I have read about the same topics several times before, but her point of view is really interesting since she compares her experience with her grandparent’s.

    • Thanks Isi. I can’t wait to see your review 🙂

  • Ok your review convinced me to put this book on my to read shelf!

  • Sounds like a book I would love to read. I like reading books that I can emotionally connect to. It makes the storyline very much real.

    • I’m sure you will enjoy it! You can enter the giveaway 🙂

  • I’m glad you enjoyed the book, as well!

    • I’m glad I read it 🙂

  • I loved the quotes you added. Thanks for letting me know about this book, I think I would really enjoy reading this one!

    • Those were some of my favourite quotes. You should look into the book, and you can still enter the giveaway 🙂