Stolen by Daniel Palmer

15817016STOLEN by Daniel Palmer

Publisher: Kensington Books

Source: Provided by the publisher for review

Release date: 30 April 2013

“That’s not how karma works. It looks at what you do with the hand you’re dealt. It doesn’t deal out the cards. It’s the circle of cause and effect. Karma is the consequence of our actions” says Ruby, one of the main characters of Stolen by Daniel Palmer.

The story is about a couple, John and Ruby, who is young and in love.  Ruby is studying to become an acupuncturist and John’s online gaming business is growing by the day. They also want to start a family… Yes, the future seems bright for them, until Ruby gets diagnosed with stage three melanoma.  That is bad news in itself, but they also find out that their medical insurance won’t cover the treatment that Ruby needs.   What to do?

John comes up with a risky plan – to steal someone’s identity and falsely claiming from another person’s medical insurance for her treatment.  It worked, until the person contacted him…  A bad decision that was made for a good cause takes a turn for the worst. The person has a proposition; he won’t report their fraud as long as they play along with a game he had devised.  They must commit real crimes, play by his rules, or there will be deadly consequences. John assumes it’s a joke, until his neighbour dies a horrible death… Soon John’s realises they are dealing with a sick psychopath. Every round of the game they play just becomes worse and more twisted.

Let me starts off by saying, even though it sounds like something I don’t normally read, I must admit that I found this interesting and I read it in no time. I just kept on wanting to know what happens next , it was that thrilling and full of suspense. I must also admit that it got on my nerves too – not in a bad way though, but I’ve had a few annoyances with the characters in the book. Why did John have to take this risk? Ruby is very sick, did she really need to have to go through this, and by “this” I mean the stress, the tension and the fear. What she needed was to rest and get better, and she never had the opportunity to do so, apart from the first few weeks whereafter she found out the medication is working. I know when desperation hits, people can do the strangest things. I can however see why, he wanted her to get better and the only way for that to happen is for her to get the medication she needs.  However, at the same time the result of that decision had the opposite effect… she faded away, day by day.

“I didn’t appreciate the motto ‘Live for today’ before I had cancer. Every day I’ve lived with this disease, I’ve felt tainted by it’s presence. It’s as though somebody took a gigantic eraser to the best parts of my life and wiped them away with a quick sweep of hand. It didn’t matter how great my yesterdays were, because I’d have to live through this today, knowing that my body was working hard to kill me”

Reading her thoughts and her emotions about her illness and how all this affects her, made me like her more, as a character and as a person and that is the reason why I felt mad at John.  The love of his life, his wife was going to die and he had to make a decision. This reminds me of some of Jodi Picoult’s novels, the moral dilemmas, the “What would you do”?. When I started reading this book I didn’t think I would, but I enjoyed it.

Have you read this book and did you enjoy it?

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