The Bleiberg Project by David Khara

imagesTHE BLEIBERG PROJECT by David Khara (translator: Simon John)

Publisher: Le French Book

Source: Provided by the publisher for review

Jay Novacek is a trader, smart and intelligent, but also a troubled young man. He grew up without his father, who abandoned him 25 years ago, without any reason or explanation and his mother is in an asylum. Until one day he receives news that his father passed away. When he goes to inform his mother about his father’s death she gives him a locker with a key inside – whatever the key unlocks or opens, contains the reason why his father abandoned him and his mother all those years ago. Not soon afterwards, his mother was assassinated…

Jay, also called Jeremy Corbin, decides to begin his own investigation to find out who killed his parents and why his life is in danger.  Along with the help of Jackie (assigned by his boss) he travels to Zurich to uncover the truth.  What he finds is that his father was investigating the conspiracy around the Nazi’s and their goal of creating a superhuman (ubermensch) which put him and his mother’s life in danger. The novel is in part historical fiction (with Adolf Hitler and Heinrich Himmler getting regular mentions and appearances in the book) and in part a thriller.

The pace of the story was fast  – I didn’t get bored reading the book – there were so many twists and surprises. I found the story interesting, even though crime thrillers are not usually my choice of genre.  With regard to the characters, I could understand Jay’s “hatred” towards his father; however I would have loved to read more about Jackie and Jay’s relationship.  The two of them were obviously attracted to each other (both emotionally and physically), as the narrator explained their thoughts about each other, however the relationship progression were never mentioned in the book – until in the epilogue.  I think what interest me about the book was the historical fiction part, but there are also sci-fi elements.  I may have found the story line interesting, but I didn’t love this book.  If you are into thrillers and conspiracy novels, this one might be for you.

Rating: ★★★

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