In the Woods by Tana French

in-the-woods1-210x300I read In the Woods when I participated in Rebecca and Allison’s book club for March.  I’ve never heard of the author, but when I read the synopsis I was quite interested in reading the book, so I signed up.  First of all, the virtual book club (reading along with other book bloggers and having the online discussions) was so much fun. However, at some point during the book I was so interested in knowing what happens next that I started reading ahead and had to be really careful not to give spoilers when participating in the discussions.

The book revolves around a murder mystery.  Adam’s two friends went missing in 1984 when they went out playing in the woods. He was the only one that was found, but unable to recall any detail that could help to trace his friends.  Twenty years later, Adam (now called Rob) is a detective on the Dublin Murder Squad investigating the disappearance and murder of a twelve year old girl, Katy along with his partner Cassie.

The picture that was painted in the book made me think that the 2 disappearances were somehow connected, but in the end it wasn’t. The book was an interesting read, well written and it kept me intrigued, however in the end I was a bit underwhelmed with this book. I felt I had so many unanswered questions. I wanted to know what happened to Jamie and Peter (Adam’s friends) back in 1984 and I wanted the person behind the murder to pay for what she did. In the end, she got away…

When reading the book I somehow thought that Katy’s murderer was responsible for Jamie and Peter’s disappearances too, however farfetched that may sound. To be completely honest, I was a lot more interested to know what happened to them than what happened to Katy. There was an air of mystery around Peter and Katie’s “murder” – who did it? Why did they do it, and why was Adam/Rob left behind in the woods with his shoes soaked with blood, horrible scratches on this back and clutching on a tree terrified!? I even had the craziest supernatural theories, but in the end my questions weren’t answered. I am not sure if I will be reading more of Tana French’s books, unless someone who has read the rest of the series recommends that I read them.

Rating: ★★★

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  • I think I’ll try some of her other books and see how they go. But they aren’t at the top of the list right now. Someday!

  • I think they get better and they don’t have the same sense of a lack of resolution. I would give ‘The Likeness’ which features Cassie in the ‘lead’ role, a go.

    • Thanks Alex, I will look into that. I will most probably not continue with her series’ soon but maybe one day I will consider reading some of her other books. I enjoyed the read, just not the ending.

  • Sounds like an interesting book, but it sucks that it left you with some unanswered questions. The cover for this book is gorgeous!

    • It is an interesting read! Maybe that’s why I felt a little underwhelmed because I feel the book had the potential to be great!

      The cover art is nice, yes xx

  • I think underwhelming is the ideal word to describe the book. But what was amazing was all of the fabulous discussion we had for a month!!!!

    • I agree, I enjoyed the discussions AND the read, just not the ending.

  • Thank you so much for participating! I was also underwhelmed by this book. The whole connections (or lack thereof) was a big disappointment to me. But, you know this from the discussion posts 😉

    I hope you participate in May’s club!

    • It was fun!
      Of course, do you have an idea of what we will be reading?

  • Amy

    I had exactly the same reactions to In The Woods. Good writing, interesting characters, suspense. And the same sense of letdown at the end. What the heck happened?

    I read her next book, The Likeness, and liked it a lot better. I do like the way she takes a secondary character from one book and features them in the next.

    BTW, great blog title… 😉

    • Like I said previously, the book had the potential to be great. I liked the book up until the end. Maybe I will consider reading some of her other titles, like “The Likeness” because Alex above also recommended it!

      Thanks for commenting on my blog title, LOL! Seriously when I opened this one I checked if others have it on wordpress, but didn’t bother to check on blogger. Oh well. You have a nice blog title too! 🙂

  • Hmm, sounds interesting.

    • It was! Just the ending that was disappointing.

  • I think if I were to read this the end would bother me too much. I mean, why leave the reader wondering about things like that? It would make me feel like the book isn’t really complete. I like the cover and it’s pretty, but I’m not sure it would be something fun for me to read if I’m going to be let down in the end.

    Thanks for the review!

    • Maybe you will like the book? I enjoyed reading it, even though I felt my questions weren’t answered. I believe the rest of the series is better. And yes, the cover is pretty

  • Hmm… I think I would share your frustration with unresolved questions. But I’ve read a lot of positive reviews of this one, so I might give it a whirl anyway!

    • You should give it a try. I was only underwhelmed by the ending, I enjoyed the read 🙂

  • Oh, you sound so lukewarm. This was one of the hottest books in the blogosphere. But I hear you when you think there should be a connection but there actually isn’t. It doesn’t always work well. Still might give this a chance, purely based on the haunting cover alone

    • Oh no, don’t mean to offend the ones you love it 🙁 Sadly, a lot of the bloggers/readers who read along with the book club was underwhelmed by this one. But like I said above… I enjoyed the read, just not the ending. The cover is nice, yes.

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