In the Woods by Tana French

in-the-woods1-210x300I read In the Woods when I participated in Rebecca and Allison’s book club for March.  I’ve never heard of the author, but when I read the synopsis I was quite interested in reading the book, so I signed up.  First of all, the virtual book club (reading along with other book bloggers and having the online discussions) was so much fun. However, at some point during the book I was so interested in knowing what happens next that I started reading ahead and had to be really careful not to give spoilers when participating in the discussions.

The book revolves around a murder mystery.  Adam’s two friends went missing in 1984 when they went out playing in the woods. He was the only one that was found, but unable to recall any detail that could help to trace his friends.  Twenty years later, Adam (now called Rob) is a detective on the Dublin Murder Squad investigating the disappearance and murder of a twelve year old girl, Katy along with his partner Cassie.

The picture that was painted in the book made me think that the 2 disappearances were somehow connected, but in the end it wasn’t. The book was an interesting read, well written and it kept me intrigued, however in the end I was a bit underwhelmed with this book. I felt I had so many unanswered questions. I wanted to know what happened to Jamie and Peter (Adam’s friends) back in 1984 and I wanted the person behind the murder to pay for what she did. In the end, she got away…

When reading the book I somehow thought that Katy’s murderer was responsible for Jamie and Peter’s disappearances too, however farfetched that may sound. To be completely honest, I was a lot more interested to know what happened to them than what happened to Katy. There was an air of mystery around Peter and Katie’s “murder” – who did it? Why did they do it, and why was Adam/Rob left behind in the woods with his shoes soaked with blood, horrible scratches on this back and clutching on a tree terrified!? I even had the craziest supernatural theories, but in the end my questions weren’t answered. I am not sure if I will be reading more of Tana French’s books, unless someone who has read the rest of the series recommends that I read them.

Rating: ★★★

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