I can have facebook too!

Guess whose mini-birthday it is today? Today my little blog is exactly ONE MONTH old! 🙂

I started the blog on the 26th of February. If you follow me on twitter you would have seen my tweets. I would like to clarify again, when I started the blog, I was NOT a book blogging virgin. I started out on a multi-author blog, but then decided to create my own identity and moved my posts here. So no need to think I’m superwoman who wrote 22 posts in one month! {Although I’d like to dream I am. I can barely read 5 books in a month!}

I wanted to start a facebook page for a while, but kept postponing it. Now I have one. Please do check out my facebook page. I’m really proud of what I was able to achieve in a month, starting off with ‘almost nothing’. I have quite a few followers, an impressive amount of hits,  publishers following me on twitter, a bunch of netgalley approved books and today I was sent an email from a publisher informing me that I’m auto approved for all their titles. How nice are they? How did they know it’s my blog’s mini birthday? 🙂


But most of all, I’m really happy about my followers being so interactive and kind towards me.  Thanks for following me, interacting with me on facebook (my personal page), on goodreads, twitter and especially for reacting on my posts. I love comments and discussions! Now you can interact with me on my official page too 🙂

Thanks for reading.

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