Matilda by Roald Dahl

matildaSometimes I can be unpredictable, like this weekend when I impulsively decided I want to read children’s fiction. I haven’t read children’s fiction in almost 2 years. It’s not the genre I typically explore, because, erm, well… I’m not a kid, but for some reason I wanted to read Matilda again. I saw the movie a few times and absolutely love it, so I decided to pick up the book for a light read…

The story is about Matilda, a little girl who is gifted with intelligence way beyond her years. At the age of 5 Matilda could master complex multiplications, read all the children’s fiction in her local library and even works from authors such as Dickens. Only problem she has is her parents do not embrace her unique talents, in fact they are not even aware of it.

The beginning of the book, or the first half, had me in absolute stitches! It was so hilarious, the way Roald Dahl describes her family dynamics in the house. From the grumpy and rude Mr Wormwood, to the ridiculously ignorant Mrs Wormwood.

Matilda eventually persuades her parents to send her to school where she met Miss Honey, her teacher and mentor. Miss Honey learns about Matilda’s abilities and tries to help her get ahead with much resistance from headmistress Miss Trunchball. The latter being a devious, disgusting old woman who is also Miss Honey’s aunt. Matilda later realises she has a talent to move things with her eyes – like magic! If you remember the movie, you will know what happens next 🙂

Needless to say, I loved this book! The description of the scenes are hilarious, I imagine a child sitting and chuckling along happily to this book (or maybe even laugh out loud, which I did btw). The illustrations are also really cute, I mean little Matilda is adorable (and so it’s the actress in the movie!)

I will recommend this book to any kid, it’s a lovely read. Just know that Mr and Mrs Wormwood verbally abuses their child, and so does Miss Trunchbull. No bad words are used, though.

Rating: ★★★★★

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