Bunner Sisters by Edith Wharton

BunnerSistersBunner Sisters is the second novella I’ve read by Edith Wharton. After reading Madame de Treymes and not being particularly impressed with it, I decided to give this one a try.

The story is about two sisters, Ann Eliza and Evelina, living in New York 1916, who runs a sewing/hat/dress maker shop. Things are not going well financially for the two spinster sisters, however on Evelina’s birthday Ann Eliza decides to buy her a clock for her birthday. The latter she purchased from a german watchmaker, Herman Ramy, who soon afterwards befriended the two sisters. Ann Eliza likes Ramy, however decides to take a step back once she learns that her younger sister Evelina has developed an interest in him.

Herman Ramy courts Evelina, yet surprisingly one day he shows up at the dress shop knowing Evelina won’t be there and proposes to Ann Eliza! She declines and manages to convince him that Evelina would make a better wife.  Soon afterwards he proposed to Evelina, the two gets married and move away. The two sisters kept in contact corresponding via letters, until one day Evelina stops writing…

Turns out that Herman Ramy is not the person they thought he was – the naivety of the sisters (as a results of living in their own secluded little world, maybe?) leaves for a disastrous ending to the story. The story line was a little predictable, however I think it was much better than Madame de Treymes!

Have you read this novella? And what did you think of it?

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