My Pretty Books

Today when I came home I had a parcel waiting for me 🙂 Remember my to read list? I wasn’t lying when I said I can’t wait to read The Forgotten Garden and Winter in Madrid. I ordered these two books online and received them today!  I couldn’t wait to share my pretty books:


I couldn’t find Winter in Madrid in stores and after several events of wanting to purchase it on the spot in bookstores I decided to order it online with another book or 2 so I don’t waste money on delivery costs etc. I like to do that when I order online, I wait till there are other items I want and keep them in my basket until I’m ready to check them out.  I also ordered ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ by Harper Lee.

I’m currently in progress of reading a Jodi Picoult novel, as I felt the need to read a ‘easy read’.  My next problem in life is deciding which one to read first 😉

What are you currently reading?

  • Les

    OMW you have “To Kill a Mockingbird”. Read it years ago actually. Now in The Color of Law by Mark Gimenez, the main character Scott Fenney’s full name is actually Atticus Scott Fenney named after Atticus Finch of How To Kill A Mockingbird, named by his parents as they loved To Kill a Mockingbird. How to kill a mockingbird is about a young man, Atticus (who happens to be white), that has to defend a black man who has been accused of raping a white woman. Now in The color of law, Scott has to defend a black woman accused of murdering the politician/senator’s son. Scott chooses to defend the accused because his parents always wanted him to be like Atticus from How To Kill a Mockingbird.. You must enjoy the book and we will wait for a post… I think I should get a copy as well…

    • Mel

      Yeah i can’t wait to read it although I would probably read winter in Madrid first and then forgotten garden 🙂

  • I just finished reading Say You’re One of Them by Uwem Akpan (AMAZING short stories) and am going to pick up Exodus by Leon Uris in a few minutes!

    • Mel

      I haven’t read any of those yet. I have like 20 physical books waiting for me to read them. I don’t even want to count the kindle books. I buy too many books.

      When my mother saw my order arrive she told me why can’t I just join a library, instead of buying books!

      • Oh please, I have like 100 physical books I need to read! But most I get from library or used book store sales.

        I also read on my Kindle and borrow from both the public and e-book libraries!!! 🙂

        Doing a little bit of everything doesn’t make me feel bad when I want to buy a book!

        • Mel

          Why are you shouting at me 🙁 lol!

          I probably have 100 on my list too if I consider my kindle books as well as other books on my to-read list. Finding time to read all the books I want to read is a bit difficult to do.

          However I am considering joining a library again, I must admit I spend a lot of money on books and some of them I now consider regret purchases.


            You really should join a library. . . it’s free here in America. Free for you, too? Many libraries also offer free e-book checkouts, so if they have a digital library, too, it’s well worth it. For instance, I was #167 or something for The Night Circus at the library, but #4 for the e-book.

          • Mel

            I definitely will. I am on a few days leave for December so when they open after Christmas I will go join 🙂

          • Yay!

          • Mel


          • And one of the easy things you can do is go online and reserve the books you want. They’ll put them on hold and then you can just show up to check them out! You don’t even have to wander through the stacks if you don’t want to.

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